So, you want custom software for your organisation.
You have come to the right place.

an image of a database management system

You want this software to:

  • make managing your organisation easier and faster
  • accurately keep track of what is going on in your organisation
  • have reports which will show you the state of different aspects of your organisation, like outstanding accounts
  • maybe even do much more, like:
    • do some things automatically, like sending reminder emails and/or SMS messages
    • generate PDF documents using the data in your database
    • allow secure online payments
    • allow people to sign up online
    • a fully featured online shop

All the above and more. Here is what you will get:

  • a database designed to a minimum of the third normal form - that means, done correctly
  • a web application to access your database and do all the extra things you may want
  • both the above deployed to Amazon Web Services. This means:
    • your employees can sign in and work from any computer with an Internet connection
    • Amazon takes care of the computing resources - all you need is a browser and an Internet connection
    • highly reliable and highly available - much more so than most organisationes will manage to achieve themselves
    • the resources needed for your application automatically adjust to the user load
    • cost tailored to your needs

You most likely still have some questions

This is the place to ask them. Please try to be specific. Fill in the form below and ask your questions and you will have your answers.

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